How to Play Basketball

Basketball is a major sport that is popular in most of the world. However, if you are not a fan of the sport, or you come from a country where basketball is not an award-winning activity, you may need some beginner instructions. Although the game has many rules and can be complex, the basics are fairly easy to learn. With a few guides you can learn the principles of how to play basketball.

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Learn to bounce the ball. The essential skill of playing basketball is this starting point. This is one of the methods by which you will move the ball on the court. Take the ball and practice bouncing it off the ground. You have to bounce the ball for every two steps you take. If you take three steps without bouncing and “walk” or “travel”, you will lose the ball.

Try running and bouncing the ball in front of you, standing still by bouncing back and forth with both hands, and bouncing the ball between your legs and behind your back.

Learn to pass the ball. Passing the ball is the key to exposing the other team’s defense and to getting open shots for your own team. Ask a friend to help you practice your direct passes, bouncing and dodging imaginary defenders.

One type of pass is the chest pass. This is a two-handed pass that begins in your chest, throwing the ball at your partner’s chest. A second type of pass is a rebound. This is a one- or two-handed pass that bounces the ball off the floor as it reaches your partner. Use the rebound to evade defenders and facilitate passing.

Learn to throw the ball properly. A good shot involves balancing the ball in one hand while using the other as a guide to the ring. Position your support hand above your head, keeping it bent back and arching it to hold the ball. Extend your arm and flick your wrist to release the ball at the apex of the backspin. Practicing this throw will increase your aim on your shots.

Add shots while jumping, layups, 3-point shots, and free kicks to your shooting repertoire to improve your skills.

Master the basic rules of basketball. Consult an official rulebook to make sure you understand what constitutes illegal body contact (a foul), how long you can keep the ball still, and other illegal plays. If you know what you can’t do, you have the green flag to play creatively within those limits.

Practice with better players to keep your skills sharp. Always practice good manners from the beginning to avoid bad habits.

Wear footwear that supports your ankles to avoid sprains and injuries. Always do dynamic stretches before and after playing basketball.